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BBoys Anonymous at Kenya Dance SoCal 2012

I love performing with these people. All the 8-hour practices, some 10-hour practice, tons of stress and frustration, the random stupid laughs, the “OH WE SHOULD DO THIS!” moments, this is the result of it all.


Kenya/Wayzgoose Family. I’m going to miss y’all. It’s been a fun few weeks with y’all. Good times dancing and laughing and just bonding yaknow. One of the things why I like not just doing my own thing/solo session, but being in a team/performance allows you to work/dance with others. It’s a time for people to cooperate and to just to share the love for the things you do. To be part of this was truly exciting and I’m proud to be part of this. Especially since it’s some of the senior’s last performance. D’: So sadduh. Yall better be stil going to session though :’<. But yeah. I didn’t get to say this back at Saturday. Learning a choreo/piece is just another way for me to relate myself to music, just another connection for me to make. 

I know this isn’t the last of the experiences here in irvine. I look forward to the upcoming performances and the new friends that I’ll meet on the way there, as well as the experiences that I will never forget. Thank you Bboys Anonymous for making me feel like this was home. I knew where to go when I first saw BBA. Until next time BBA! :] see y’all at session and banquet!

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